Mobile Phone Pocket

Mobile Phone Pocket

A very simple knitted project to create a mobile phone pocket

What you need

Double Worsted (8ply) Wool
Size 6 (4mm) Needles
Size 10 (6mm) Needles
Feather wool


Top band

Use 8 ply wool and 4 mm needles for the top band.

Cast on 30 sts

Garter stitch 1 inch (Approx 6 rows)


Change to Feather wool and 6mm needles.

K1, k2 tog to end (20 sts)

Garter stitch desired length Approx 5-6 inch (12cm -15cm) then cast off.

Turn so that the plain 8 ply edge is at the top.

Sew the sides together then place the seam down the back.

Sew the bottom closed.

Thread a piece of wool through the top stitches to make a draw string pouch.

The second photo shows you the same bag (slightly smaller) that has a knitted strap which you sew over a bangle.

Cast on 8 sts and stocking stitch till desired length Approx 5-6 inch (12cm -15cm).

Mobile Phone Pocket


  1. wow this is awsome i mighht give it a try i doesnt seem like it will take too long

  2. channonangel says

    Looks quite easy so will have to give it a try.

  3. very cute..but it’s kinda hard to understand…

  4. looks cute to me. it may be a long project and looks a little hard. otherwise GREAT!!

  5. way to out-there colors. It wouldn’t match very many purse

  6. this looks pretty cool, might take a while tho. sems fun:)

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