Confetti Balloon Invitation

Confetti Balloon Invitation

This craft project shows you how to make your own party invitations with a quirky balloon theme.

What you need

Colored pens


Inflate each balloon to a safe level.

Write the party details on each piece of paper and place inside each balloon with confetti.

Write the name of each child on the outside of the balloon and tie with a ribbon.

Hand them out to the kids after school or hand deliver them to each child’s house.

You could even deliver them and tie them to the front door’s of the guests house.

To read the invitation they POP the balloon.

They get sprinkled with confetti and out pops the paper with all the details!

So much fun!

Looking for another fun way to give an invitation? Check out these Party invitations that are made using a puzzle template, the invitee has to put the invitation together like a puzzle. Check out these party invitations you can buy on Amazon


  1. sounds like fun! will have to try it one day…

  2. Very cute! I’ll have to try this sometime.

  3. how big does the invitation paper need to be?

  4. how big do the pieces of paper need to be?

  5. CuteBunny116 says

    How do the kids get the piece of paper out of the balloon do they pop it or somethin?

  6. great idea

  7. VERY ORIGINAL!!! kewlie

  8. Really cool

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