DIY Puzzle Party Invitations

DIY Puzzle  Party Invitations

Knot your party guests into this puzzle. Start the party off with this clever party invitation!

What you need

Thin card approx. 6 inches square
Contrasting felt tip pen
Glitter or sequins,
Paper glue
Oddment of thick card for template.

Puzzle invitation template


Prepare 2 identical templates out of your oddment of thick cards.

You could use heart shapes, wedding bells, or similar. Take one template and mark it into 5 or 6 jigsaw pieces and then cut it out. Or you can use the party invite template below.

Use the other template to mark and cut heart-shaped cards. Glue printed wrapping paper onto each solid heart card and trim.

Write the party details on each in paint or pen. Allow to dry and add glitter or sequins.

Lightly trace the jigsaw pieces onto each card. Then cut out the pieces. Place each jigsaw invitation card in an envelope.

This will allow your guests to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Choose light-colored wrapping paper so the writing is visible.

You could use your printer to print out some invitations onto cardboard and then cut them into puzzles. The creativity for this project idea is endless.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!