Christmas Brooch – Poinsettia

Christmas Brooch – Poinsettia

This kids craft shows you how to make a felt brooch perfect for classroom Christmas themed activities and group activities for holidays.

What you need

Felt Scraps
Dimensions paint Gold
Brooch Pin


You could also use this poinsettia for a gift tag, bag decoration or string lots of them to make a garland.

Print the pattern below to a suitable size and cut your pieces out of felt.

Poinsettia Pattern

Poinsettia Pattern Finished

Use the picture as a color guide.

Take 1 of the large base circles and glue 6 holly leaves around the edge of circle. Now glue your large petals on. Glue them slightly in from the holly leaves as shown in the diagram.

Now glue your medium sixed petals into place, coming further in and off set them to the last petals for a layered effect.

Use the dimensions paint to create a centre, fill with small dots and let dry.

When it feels dry glue the last large circle on the back. Glue or stitch the brooch back into place.

All done!


  1. Katherine Gardner says

    Very cute. I will surely try it.

  2. Very cute idea! we did something like this, except it was a sunflower, we made them into brooches,bag/gift toppers and magnets. everone loved them and might give this a try!!!!

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