Wreath Made Of Table Cloth And Pool Noodle

Wreath Made Of Table Cloth And Pool Noodle

This Christmas craft project shows you how to make a wreath using a pool noodle wreath for a base and an up-cycled plastic table cloth.

What you need

Pool Noodle
Plastic Christmas Table cloth
Sticky tape or hot glue


This DIY Christmas wreath is waterproof and durable making it perfect for Christmas yard decorations. It can be used both sides making is reversible for different looks and style.

Start by making your Pool noodle wreath.


Take your plastic table cloth and cut it into 24 inch lengths that are 5 inch wide. We cut the ends into tails as shown.


This Christmas wreath is reversible depending on which style you like but the direction for making it will be the same.

Take you ready cut lengths and tie them in a single knot around the wreath. Keep doing this again and again until the wreath is covered. You can bunch them up as tight or as loose as you like, but make sure the base is covered.



Once complete you can see the different sides, one is tight


whilst the other is just layers and layers of ruffles.


We finished our ruffle side off with some handmade decorations..


Cut a long length to create the hanging cord and tie a large bow to complete the Christmas wreath.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!