Surprise Gift Easter Egg

Surprise Gift Easter Egg

This free Easter craft project shows you how to make a surprise Easter egg filled with your own item or poetry.

What you need

Kinder Surprise Egg
Heat Source


Buy a Kinder surprise egg chocolate. Carefully unwrap the egg trying not to damage the foil.

Slowly separate the chocolate in two – you could use a heated knife to help separate it.

Open the plastic egg where the toy is and replace it with a nice piece of jewelry and include a small note like .. I love you, Will you marry me, some bunny loves you. Be creative.

Next melt a little chocolate in a double boiler or use a heated knife against the egg to re-seal the egg back up.

Put it back in the wrapper and give it to your sweetheart.


  1. I want to be proposed to in this way!!! 😀

  2. this could make a great prank love it.

  3. very sweet a great treat fab funky fun big love marc

  4. wonderful idea!

  5. genious! i am doing this!

  6. its a really great craft idea!

  7. I did this yesterday. It’s fun and great to see the other persons reaction my boyfriend loved it. Thing is i found it a little hard to stick back together, so i used icing i had from a tube.

  8. truleelee says

    Sounds like a cool idea, but what I would do, too, is white out “kinder” on the wrapper and label it with their name or something like that, but all in all, this is nice idea.

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