Can’t Fail Pattern: Easy Baby Booties

Can’t Fail Pattern: Easy Baby Booties

My mother (Rita) gave me this pattern as a "Can't Fail Pattern" to make baby booties. They are very easy and are ready in 5 minutes! Can you tell us in the comments how long it took for you to knit them?

What you need

Patons Powder Puff Wool
4mm needles
Yarn Needle



Babies are undoubtedly one of the most precious things in this world, and it’s only natural for parents and grandparents to want to shower them with love and affection in any way they can. One of the best ways to show that love is by making something special for them, and what better way to do that than by knitting a pair of soft and cozy booties for their tiny feet?

If you’re new to knitting, you might be intimidated by the thought of creating something as intricate as baby booties. But fear not! With the Can’t Fail Pattern for Easy Baby Booties, you can create a beautiful and practical accessory for your little one that’s both simple and quick to make.

This pattern is designed to be easy to follow, even for beginners, and it requires just a few basic knitting techniques. With step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations, you can create a pair of booties that are not only adorable but also functional and comfortable for your baby.

Knitting booties for your baby or a loved one’s baby is a wonderful way to show your love and care. Not only do they make a practical gift that will be used and appreciated, but they also provide an opportunity to create something special that will be cherished for years to come. Plus, they’re a great way to practice your knitting skills and to experiment with new patterns and techniques.

I am useless at knitting due to a lack of practice.

It took me 1 hour to make one bootie so they make up fast (even faster if your not a beginner).

Rita is in the process of knitting heaps for the local hospital. I am still yet to knit my second bootie as I got sidetracked.

Cast on 20 sts

Garter stitch 10 Rows

Row 11, cast off 4 stitches and continue to knit. (16sts)

Row 12, cast off 4 stitches and continue to knit (12sts)

Garter stitch 6 Rows

Row 19, K2 tog to end.
Row 20 K2 tog to end.

Thread yarn through remaining stitches and draw together and fasten off.

Sew the seams together and thread through ribbon to form the laces. Leave 1/2 an inch at the top of the front seam to allow the foot to slip in easily.

knitted baby booties



  1. this sounds ideal for using up bits.
    what weight wool do I need

  2. Yay about to try these!!

  3. It was fast and easy and I’m little more than a beginner. The only thing I’m not sure about is which is the right side (RW) and which the wrong side (WS). When you start and the tail of the thread is away from the sharp end of the needle, is the knit closest to you the right side or is the other way round. I’ve tried doing searches, but I’m still confused.

    Oh the size seemed rather small to me too, but I suppose I could just do another set but cast on more stitches?

  4. I can’t find this yarn in my area. Is there another brand similar that I can use?

  5. Molly Thomas says

    This came out not large enough for a doll. I followed the needle and thread size instructions. Disappointed.

    • In creased the needle size to 7, added 2 stitches at cast on and added two rows after casting off 4 stitches on rows 11 and 12. They look perfect for a newborn now.

      • Lori Campbell says

        Thank you so much our babies are always a little bigger than normal. I’m so happy you figured this out for me!

  6. What size knitting needles are used? I didn’t see it listed. thank you

  7. Any abbreviations or instructions you don’t understand, you can look up on the computer, i.e. “how to knit two together”, or “what does ssk mean”, etc.

  8. Thank-you so much easy easy easy. Easy to read easy to understan easy to do.

  9. Row 19, K2 tog to end.
    Row 20 K2 tog to end

    can you explain what this means? I want to make sure I do the pattern correctly. I’m new 🙂

  10. can you explain what

    Row 19, K2 tog to end.
    Row 20 K2 tog to end.

    means? I know you knit 2 together but do I knit each stitch normally till the end?

  11. This pattern is brilliant! I have been looking everywhere for a nice simple pattern, and this is simple and definately has the awwwwww factor! I haven’t stopped cooing over them! Thank you. xx

  12. 4 mm is equal to size 6 american


  14. Great pattern so easy and quick thank you!
    For double knit i doubled everything
    Cast on 40 stitches knit 20 rows
    Row 21 cast off 8 stitches and knit to end of row
    Row 22 cast off 8 stitches and knit to end of row
    Knit 12 rows
    Row 34 knit two together to the end
    Row 35 same again
    I continued like this each row till i had 3 sttches left
    Then pulled wool through three stitches and pulled tight leaving enough wool to thread needle and stitch seam
    Then stitch heal side seam

  15. I’m new to to knitting and I’ve been looking everywhere for an easy bootie pattern that doesnt involve purling a all kinds of different things. This sounds so easy and I’m going to try it tonight! THANK YOU:)

  16. Adorable!

  17. Mine was tiny, it wouldn’t even fit a small stuffed pg tips monkey? does any body know what i did wrong, I only made 1 peice and sew it togther, but i would really like to try this again because it is a brilliant pattern 🙂 x

  18. LOVE THIS! Great project, quick enough to complete even for a beginner knitter! You can be sure I’ll be making more. Thanks!

  19. Love the baby bopoties pattern quick and easy. Made 3 pairs in 3 hrs.

  20. it was really good i’m only youg and i made them fro my little baby brother!!
    they look a bit odd but i just need to add ribon then i’m done
    thankz !!

  21. hi forgot to add that you can use normal double knitting wool for these. a snowflake wool would make a fluffy pair. however double knit looks great and you could make absolutely loads for about 1.50 a 100gram ball. c

  22. double the sts to 40 and knit 20 rows instead of 10 then continue as normal(same needle size) and they come out perfect. lovely shape. if you follow original instructions get small ones to fit small doll.

  23. Looks really cute!! Would it come smaller if I used 4.5 mm needles (size 7) with Redheart blue yarn (size 4 medium worsted yarn)? I want this to fit a newborn 🙂

    Thank you!


  25. what age range are the booties for?

    0-3 months?
    3-6 months?


  26. Out of all the patterns I have looked at, this one seems to be the best one. infact, its the only one that looks like its going to actually work. FINALLY! Some one who KNOWS what there doing here! Thank You Much!!!

  27. This just what I have been looking for. My mother used it and I can make them now. Thank you very much.

  28. brill I couldn’t stop adding to my colection

  29. this a great craft luved it!

  30. very good, but turns out small

  31. Love this pattern. Was in a book I had, and used it many times until I lost book. For those questions: Garter stitch means knit every stich of every row. You can use any type of yarn the suggested needle size for that yarn.

  32. I have only been knitting for a week and managed this pattern easily. I used 5mm needles and increased the size- cast on 28 stitches, knit 12 rows, cast off 6 each side then knit 8 rows.

  33. all right but they come out too small are you sure they are not for premature babies? nice though!

  34. This patten seems easy! yay! im no good with abreviations or complicated patterns. Ive only made 2 pars of mittens and a bunch of scarves…

  35. these are soooo cute, my son is due in dec, and even with my rubbish knitting i can make these. any mitts to go with them?

  36. wow i must be a really tight knitter i used size 6.5 mm needles and the suggested yarn but they would be lucky to fit a newborn but they are still absolutely adorable i just found out im pregnant and once i tweak the pattern a little itll be perfect

  37. I made a bootie with Red Heart Dark Blue yarn. Instead of Gstitch, I used ribbing. Super cute and super easy. Siblings say they love it. Its great for my cousins new babies. Took me 30 min for 1 bootie.

  38. Excellent!

  39. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Powder puff wool is a “patons” brand wool. Wool of similar thickness can be used so as “cotton candy” etc

  40. Where are you finding the “powder puff” wool? Can’t find it anywhere! Help!

  41. Love the booties. I can’t tell from the picture if the front seam is sewn all the way to the top or not. Please reply,

  42. Very easy. The yarn is so soft. I liked it so much I made a hat to go with it as well. Thanks for the pattern.

  43. Oh my goodness. I just started knitting a few days ago and I’m wirking on my second bootie now!

  44. These booties are so easy to make and they’re so adorable! They also let fast learner beginner’s egos grow!

  45. Quick, easy, and very cute.

  46. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Different Wool may give you a different gauge which will alter the size of the booties slightly. Knit it up and check it out


  48. I made a pair with sugested size needles and wool and they would fit a premmie so using same pattern and 6mm needles I have made 6 pairs in last two evenings and am proud as I have only just learnt to knit. Very easy. Great Stuff!

  49. I made the above comment if any one can help can you please email me at thank you maria.

  50. sounds easy i would like to try to make. all i can knit are blamkies and ponchos you know straight lines i dont under stand what cast means or some abreaviations or garter its all mumbo jumbo to me i would be able to do if i had some one explain to me.

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