Crochet A Hammock

Crochet A Hammock

Crocheting a hammock sounds hard. But with these simple steps, you can make one yourself!

What you need

3,200 yds of fingering weight cotton thread
Size F crochet hook
Two pieces of 1 1/4 in diameter bamboo, 21 1/2 in long
Two fiber glass rings, 3 in in diameter
Note: the yarn is used double throughout.


Gauge 3 pats measure 4 1/4 in on size F hook with yarn used double

Size approx. 86 in. long by 26 in wide

1: make a slip loop on the hook and then ch 1. Work 1sc into the 1ch.

2: Extend loop on hook, drawing it out so that it is approx 3/4 in in length. Wind yarn around hook and draw it through this loop.

3: Insert hook from right to left under the vertical thread that becomes the loop on the hook, wind yarn around the hook and draw it through so that there are 2 loops on the hook and all the extended strands of yarn are held together at the top.

4: Now wind the yarn around the hook and draw it through the 2 loops on hook to complete the first Solomon’s knot st.

5: Repeat steps 2 to 4 36 times more, until you have 37 Solomon’s sts in all.

6: Now work the pat row. Begin by working 6ch, work 1 Solomon’s st, sl st into first free knot before the 6 ch, *ch1, now work 2 Solomon’s sts, skip next knot, sl st into the next knot, rep from* to end. Turn.

7: Continue to work the pat row, but working last sl st into top of the ch, until work measures approx 86in at side edge. Fasten off.

8: Cut 4 lengths of yarn each about 100kn long, Placing lengths of yarn along one side edge and using yarn double, work sc over ch and yarn to reinforce edge working 5 sc over the 6ch and 1 sc into each row end.

Fasten off. Leave about 6in of reinforcing yarn free at each end.

Complete other side to match.

9: To attach bamboo, join 2 strands of yarn to first free knot at one end of hammock. Working over bamboo, work 1 sc into each free knot to end. Fasten off. Attach bamboo to other end of hammock in the same way.

10: Using the 6in of reinforcing yarn that was left free at each end, bind the ends of the bamboo and fasten with a square knot.

11: Cut 18 lengths of yarn each 55in long. Holding all the lengths together in a bunch with ends even, fold bunch in half. Slip folded end through ring and then pull ends through loop to knot lengths to ring.

Divide strands into 3 groups of 12 strands and braid together for 11 1/2in. Tie knot at base. Divide unbraided strands in half, wrap ends over bamboo and knot tightly. Trim ends about 4in from knot to form tassel.

12: Repeat step 11 and work another braid from same ring and attach to other end of bamboo.

13: Repeat steps 11 and 12 at the other end of the hammock.


  1. needs a picture for sure. I had no idea when to know if it was correct or not.

  2. It’s extremely difficult to envision the pattern and procede without a picture of finished product. Thank you

  3. sweet!!!!!

  4. what i was looking for

  5. i could have done it so much better if there were a picture

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