Cascade Earrings

Cascade Earrings

These earrings are simple to make all you need to know is how to loop the wire. It takes practice but with time you will be able to loop your wires fast and precise.

And this project is a great way to get started.

What you need

10 flat shell disks
2 earring loops
2x 5mm beads
10 eye pins


Attach each of the shell disks to an eye pin.

Take a shell and the inserted eye pin and using your pliers begin to create a loop. Before closing the loop add another shell and eye pin then close the 1st pin.

You will now have 2 shells with the 1st pin closed around the second pin and the second shell with an open pin ready to loop around the 3rd shell.

Take the second pin (which is now attached to two shells ) and repeat the process until you get to the last shell add the final small bead and then secure the last loop around the earring loop.

Once the loops are all tight the earrings are secure enough to wear.

This is a great way to cascade your beads for long dangling earrings.


  1. Love these and sooooo easy!

  2. These are so pretty and the colours are really nice. Fab for parties. Might have to adapt it to magnets though (don’t have pierced ears)………….

  3. Very pretty!! (:

  4. Very nice!

  5. these are incredibley beautiful i all ready new how to make earrings since i’ve been beading since i was six or even younger i make wonderful things!!!
    these are great for my beading club!!!

  6. how do you make it…
    but it’s pretty!

  7. Mossmask says

    They look really cool, but are kinda’ hard to make. If you get a nadult to help, they come out a lot better (but you’re probably all adults, so it’ll be easier for you!) =^..^=

  8. craftygirl9i6 says

    beautiful. i love it, and am SOOO gonna make it

  9. VeRy CuTe 😉

  10. Great tutorial! I adapted the instructions to make some of my own and they came out great!

  11. These are so pretty!

  12. I always wanted to learn how to make these earings!! Now I know how!!!!!

  13. This gave me a great idea for some new, exciting earrings to make. Before the earrings I made were all the same boring style. I own some like this that I had bought, but now I can make my own! Thanks, CraftBits for your fantastic craft ideas!

  14. Fashionable

  15. Lovely earrings!

  16. You have to show the things for kids to know what they are. you did a good job but i’d put you a . try harder next time

  17. These look so gorgeous! I’m going have to look for shells like that. Thanks for inspiring me <3

  18. egyptologist9 says

    those are the most gorgous earrings i have seen yet they are magnificent

  19. Pretty!

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