Blue Baby Duck Card

Blue Baby Duck Card

This card making project shows you how to make an adorable window style baby card.

What you need

5” by 7” white folded greeting card with envelope
5” by 7” blue with ducks scrapbook sheet of paper
3” diameter yellow circle cardstock
“Baby Duck” embellishment
.5” thick yellow ribbon
Craft stick glue


The very first thing, glue your blue with ducks scrapbook sheet of paper directly onto your greeting card.

Next, glue your yellow circle cardstock in the middle of your card.

On top of that, place your “baby duck” embellishment with the yellow ribbon threaded through the hole, right in the center of the yellow circle.

All done!


  1. Awwww soo cute!!

  2. What a cute and simple card! I really like the idea on how to make this one. Sometimes you want to make a simple but yet cute baby card. I like this one alot.

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