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Earrings – Beadelle Rhinestone Ball

This project shows you how to make these beautiful Rhinestone Ball earrings

Rainbow Bud Tree

This is a decoration that is bright and colorful, adding to the brightening days and colors as we enter Spring.

Teacup Floral Arrangement

This makes a very adaptable yet simple project. It can either make a nice decoration for a special occasion or as a charming gift for someone.

Faux Paper Mache Apples

Make faux apples out paper mache. We include the recipe for making a paper mache paste as well.

Pipe Cleaner Dragonfly

So much fun to make and create! Learn to make a dragonfly using pipe cleaners and beads!

Survival Kit For Teachers

Make this funny and practical survival kit gift poem for a teacher about to return to school.

Survival Kit For Military Duty

Make this funny and practical survival kit gift for someone about to go on military duty.

Survival Kit For Hospital Stay

Make this funny and practical survival gift for someone in a hospital.

Mustache Costume Hat: Crochet Pattern

This is a simple crochet mustache costume hat!

Cardboard Tube Scarecrow

This fun recycled craft made from a paper towel roll and scrap fabrics and felts is an adorable project for Fall. Gather the kids around, pull out the craft supplies and get cracking on your own scarecrows!