Survival Kit For Hospital Stay

Survival Kit For Hospital Stay

Make this funny and practical survival gift for someone in a hospital.

What you need

See Below


Purchase a small gift bag and fill with all or some of the items below along with a label explaining each token.

Marble – In case you loose yours.

Rubber Band – To keep you bouncing back and flexible.

Candle – To light up the darkness in the ward.

Handkerchief – For drying your tears.

Cotton Ball – To soften any falls

Confetti – To add some sparkle to your life.

Lifesaver – To remind you of the many times others need your help and you need theirs.

Rainbow – A reminder that after every storm comes a rainbow.

Band Aid – To hold everything together when it feels like it is falling apart.

Crosswords – For doing them rather than saying them.

Bell – For getting the nurses attention

Home made biscuits – In case you get the munchies for home cooked food.

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