Scrap Fabric Bookmarks

Scrap Fabric Bookmarks

Make your own bookmark using scrap fabrics and ribbon. A great little DIY craft project suited to beginner sewers.

What you need

Scrap fabrics
Lining fabric
Ribbon – 1 cm wide
Sewing machine and thread



Step (1)

Choose your scrap fabric and iron it well. Cut out two pieces of 1 inch X 4 inches strip from the scrap fabric. Cut out another 1 inch X 4 inches strip of lining fabric and 4 inches long ribbon.

Step (2)

Take any one of the cut out scrap fabric pieces and place it on a flat surface with its wrong side facing up. Place the lining fabric on it and then place the other scrap fabric cut out on the top of the lining piece, but this time keep the fabric’s right side facing up.


Step (3)

Take the ribbon and fold it into half but keep the fold slightly diagonal.

Step (4)

Place the folded end of the ribbon in between the lining fabric and the top fabric in the middle of the width.

Step (5)

Pin all 4 pieces together before sewing so that they don’t move from their places.


Step (6)

Now simply sew around all 4 sides and cut off the extra thread when you’re done sewing.

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