Pipe Cleaner Dragonfly

Pipe Cleaner Dragonfly

So much fun to make and create! Learn to make a dragonfly using pipe cleaners and beads!

What you need

3 pipe cleaners
2 large beads
5 small beads


Make the wings:  Fold a pipe cleaner in half, and twist the ends together, with about 3/4 of an inch extending.

Bring the point of the fold to the twisted area, and twist again to form a figure “8”.

Make another set of wings for the other side.

For the body: Fold the last pipe cleaner in half, slide the beads on, and fold up the bottom of the pipe cleaner so the beads won’t fall off.

Coil the two tops of the pipecleaner to form antennae.

Twist the ends of the wings onto the body to secure.

Pipecleaner Dragonfly

Pipecleaner Dragonfly

This project was submitted by Emilda http://www.etsy.com/shop/hectanooga


  1. that is really cute and so simple even I could do it. thanks

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