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Vandyke Necklace

Create a vandyke pattern for your necklace project with these simple steps.

Sand Painting

The kids will love to create a sand painting that you can use as a decoration around the house.

Teddy Bear Album Painting

This is a painting project to draw a teddy bear on a photo album. A pattern is provided.

Stamped Tea Cozy

This would make a great mailer for the small – wallet size photographs too if you would manipulate the size of the flap and openings 🙂

How To Make A Rain Stick

Rain sticks are one of the most unusual instruments I have seen and in this project, we will create a basic one.

Home Made Herbal Shampoo

We have two great recipes here that show you how to make home made herbal shampoo. We also have instructions on labelling, materials and everything else you may need to sell them.

DIY Herbal Conditioner

To make a natural Herbal Conditioning Rinse for your hair you don’t need many ingredients. However the ones you do use should be organic as that’s the way your hair will become shinier, more manageable and remain in peak condition.

A Complete Guide To Facial Clay

Looking for a way to tone and smooth your skin? Is your complexion very oily? Do you live in a large city? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re a candidate for clay mask therapy!

Baking Angel

This angel is a cute gift for anyone who is into angels and for those who spend their time in the kitchen baking.

Loop Bead Necklace

Teach yourself how to make a 26 inch long necklace that will fit over your head without a clasp. This project is fairly easy and does not require any special tools or materials.