Newspaper Painters Apron

Newspaper Painters Apron

Turn an old newspaper into a workable painters apron!

What you need



Put 2 sheets together and fold in half so that it is 4 layers thick.

Crease the folded edge about a third of the way up this will form your pockets.

Staple the edges and in the middle to secure the pocket.

Make some holes at the top outer edges. Thread your string through these holes allowing enough length to go around your waist and tie.

Secure the holes with some tape to prevent the string from falling out.

You can put paint brushes or other light items such as nails, screws, dusting cloths etc in these pockets.


  1. its 2 small 2 use as a paint apron…the paint will still get all over ur shirt…husbands or fathers olkd tsirts work better

  2. great idea too if you need a money apron for a yard sale!!

  3. Brilliant!

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