Vandyke Necklace

Vandyke Necklace

Create a vandyke pattern for your necklace project with these simple steps.

What you need

A ready made single stranded necklace either store bought or make one to fit your neck using the same beads and a clasp.


Lay the necklace flat on a table whilst you are working on it and pull your thread nice and firm as you go to avoid gaps. You will find it helpful to try the necklace on as you go also to see how it falls. The necklace above uses Silver, pearl and crystal beads but you can use whatever you like.

1 ) Decide which part of the single stranded will be your center and work out from there by marking each side of the bib (the width) with colored thread.

Thread the needle and pass the new thread (B) through the bead at the right end of the necklace nearest the fastening. Work the first row of loops thus, pick up beads for half the first loop add a drop bead, then a small end bead as shown in diagram 1 then re-thread through the drop bead only then pick up beads to complete the second half of the first loop. Re-thread through a bead on the single strand to fasten the loop in place.

Continue making these loops all the way along the single stranded necklace but leave the drop bead off the center loops (as shown in diagram 2) and complete the first row of loops then fasten off the thread with a double knot.

2) For the second row of loops which is worked on the center portion only (as shown in completed image) fasten in a new thread (C ) to the single stranded necklace. At the left end of the center portion. Re-thread through beads on the adjacent loop emerging at the side of the center bead. Pick up another loopful of beads and re-thread through the center bead of the next loop on the first row.

3) Repeat to complete second row, for the third row re-thread through beads of last loop worked, emerging at the side of the center bead as shown in diagram.

4) Continue working in the same way, one less loop on each row until only one loop remains. Fasten off the thread with a double knot.

What you need

Thread, you can use normal nylon chord, nymo thread or elastic
2 Clam shell bead tips
1 Lobster clasp
2 Jumprings
(Optional) Craft glue or clear nail polish
Flat nose and round nose pliers
Size 11 seedbeads in three diferent colors (Example: pink, yellow and light blue)
2 Extra size 11 seed beads for the bead tips



You can create a bracelet, an anklet or even a necklace with this easy technique. You can also try diferent types of beads, diferent sizes, or mix colors in the strands. Have fun and be creative!!

1. Measure and cut three pieces of thread a little bit longer than the lenght that you want your bracelet to be, so measure your wrist, and add about 10-15 cm to that. You want your three strands to be the same lenght.

2. Thread your three strands trough one of your extra seedbeads leaving a short tail at the end (5mm-1cm), loop the threads and go back trough that seed bead again. Pull tight, tie one or two knots, and if you want, add a little bit of craft glue or clear nail polish to make sure it’s extra secure. Close the bead tip using your flat nose pliers, and also close the little loop that it has so that it is completely closed.

3. Start threading your beads on. Work on one strand at a time, and thread on as many beads to fill the lenght that you want your bracelet to be. When you’re finished, add 5 or 6 beads on top of that just in case. Make a stop-bead with your last bead on the thread by looping the chord and going back through the bead again. Do this once or twice so that the bead won’t get loose at any point. Do the same proccess for the other two strands to use the 3 colors of beads that you have.

4. Now it’s time to start braiding!! Just braid the strands normally until you get to the end. Then trying to keep everything tight, tie one or two knots to hold everything in place, get your knots as close to the braid as you can. 

5. Thread your second bead tip and the other extra seed bead and repeat the step 2 to attach it.

6. Using your round nose pliers, open one of the jumprings (remember you have to open it sideways) and slide it through the loop of one of the bead tips, then close it.

7. Open the other jumpring and slide through the loop of the other bead tip, on the other side of the bracelet, but instead of closing it right away, add your lobster clasp on the jumpring. Once you’ve done that, close the jumpring, and it’s ready to wear!!

 If at the end your bracelet doesn’t fit, don’t get frustrated!! You can simply add more jumprings on one side or on both sides till it fits your wrist. 🙂


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  3. pretty

  4. i made one in pink-and it was beautiful.i changed the pattern though

  5. looks hard…but with some tweaks to fit my style, ill make it!

  6. I love this style of necklace, and now I can make one!

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