Stamped Tea Cozy

Stamped Tea Cozy

This would make a great mailer for the small - wallet size photographs too if you would manipulate the size of the flap and openings :)

What you need

Card stock


The measurements are: 6″ long x 7″ wide.

The “binding” in the center is 1/4″ wide (measure 1/8 inch from center mark to the right and to the left)

The window is 1 5/8 but I used a stamp as a “template” to trace around – this way I can also add a stamped image behind the window that will show through when the tea bag is removed. By using the stamp you have a perfectly matched opening for your stamped image! (to print out template try saving just this image to your computer and then print out just this part, but you may want to print out the whole page if you’ve got plenty of ink in your printer :))

– Print out template for tea cozy.

– Measure as described on template – you may wish to make a “real size” template out of heavy cardtack or plastic for future use so you don’t have to re-measure everything each time you make one!

– Cut and fold as directed on template. You may wish to skip the two folds in the center of the card – it is very hard to get the outer edges to line up when the cozy is closed unless you were meticulous in your measuring. To create the center fold place the tea bags in the cozy, close and then line up the back and
front edges of the cozy and crease the “binding” where it falls at that point.

– Stamp and decorate your cozy using small solid flowers like the ones used here from Sweet Celebrations.

– You may wish to add some window plastic to the openings to make it extra nice, but it’s really pretty without it too 🙂

– To line up the hole punches where the ribbon is added to tie the cozy closed – Close the tea cozy making sure all the outer edges are lined up and then punch through all the layers at one time!

– Use a touch of glue in the inside of the cozy on the flap between the two tea bags to help hold them in place. You may also wish to use a little glue on the flaps along the outer edge of the card (to help hold the tea bag in place). If you are going to display or mail this you may wish to use a little tiny piece of double stick tape or maybe even a small piece of Velcro to hold the tea bags in place.


  1. I liked this. I added a poem on the inside left hand side on a piece of cardstock 2.5″ square, in place of the second tea bag.


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