Etched Coffee Spoons: Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Etched Coffee Spoons: Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Create a unique handmade gift for a loved one using an etching or engraving tool. Create these wonderful coffee spoons to give to co-workers. They are perfect for Father's Day or Mother's day too.

What you need

1 Engraver or Etching Tool
Cute Saying


For this project you can use new spoons or even antique spoons for an extra special gift. You can pick up engravers at most hardware stores, craft stores and some discount stores.

Start by working out what saying you would like to use.

In this collection we created spoons that not only stated how much we “love coffee” but also how we take our coffee. If you look at the spoon handle it tells you how many sugars etc. This allows someone to make you a coffee (perfect for the office) and clearly mark whose coffee it is.

Practice with the engraver first so you get used to the vibration.

Once you have completed etching or engraving your design collect them together and present them in a nice gift box or bundle.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!