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9 Things You Can Make With Epsom Salts

There are so many uses for Epsom salts so we are bringing you 9 great ideas of things you can make with Epsom salts.  These are all so easy to do, and perfect for these upcoming Winter months.  Which of these ideas are on your to-do list? 1- Epsom Salt Bauble from Craftbits 2- Glop Play […]

“Frozen” Ice Queen Ring Using Epsom Salts

This Ring uses Epsom salts to create an ICE effect for a Disney Frozen themed ring. Your little girls will love this “Ice Queen” ring.

Christmas Tree Decoration: Epsom Salts Snowflakes

This kids Christmas craft project shows you how to make craft stick snowflakes that look like they have crystallized snow stuck to them. Epsom salts create a whimsical effect and this is great tree decoration idea!

Epsom Salt Sports Paste

Everyone knows Epsom salts can relieve tired and aching muscles but we can’t always jump into a hot soaking bath. Try this recipe for a quick paste you can apply before you even leave the change rooms.

Epsom Salt Body Lotion

This recipe shows you how to make a topical application Epsom Salt Lotion. It’s got all the benefits of Epsom salts and you can take it and use it anywhere without the need for water or a bath.

Epsom Salt Hair Volumizer

This DIY hair volumizer uses conditioner and Epsom salts to lift and volumize your hair.

Epsom Salt Sunburn Relief Spray

This natural sunburn relief spray uses the Anti-inflammatory qualities in Epsom salts to help soothe your skin whilst the water rehydrates the outer layer of skin.

Epsom Salt Glowing Facial

This tutorial shows you how to mix Epsom salts and honey to create an exfoliating facial that will leave your skin glowing.

Christmas Bauble Using Epsom Salt

This Christmas Bauble has been decorated with Epsom Salts to give it a crystal snow effect. Perfect Christmas tree decoration idea!

Epsom Salt Luminaries

Epsom salts are perfect for creating a crystal snow effect on any craft project. We used recycled glass jars to create these Christmas Epsom Salt luminaries for decorations.