Epsom Salt Sports Paste

Epsom Salt Sports Paste

Everyone knows Epsom salts can relieve tired and aching muscles but we can't always jump into a hot soaking bath. Try this recipe for a quick paste you can apply before you even leave the change rooms.

This recipe works wonders if you can't find that bath or don't want to to get wet.

What you need

2 tbs of Epsom salts
Enough water to create a thick gluggy paste.


Mix together water and 2 tbs of Epsom salts to create a thick paste.

Apply to the muscle and allow to sit for 15-20 mins.

This thick paste won’t drip off but you can wrap it with a bandage if you need to move around.

Works wonders when you can’t find a bath!


  1. I tried it but the epsom salt i have is crytals. It wont make a paste

  2. Josephine Hornby says

    Just cannot make this thick gluggy paste! Don’t know wether more or less water than the salts. It won’t happen!

    • Here as well! The consistency was like a slushie… or like rubbing a salt scrub onto the skin. Definitely couldn’t get it to a paste consistency. When I added more water it just dissolved to liquid. Maybe my salt grains are just too big and “crystally”.

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