Christmas Bauble Using Epsom Salt

Christmas Bauble Using Epsom Salt

This Christmas Bauble has been decorated with Epsom Salts to give it a crystal snow effect. Perfect Christmas tree decoration idea!

What you need

Christmas Bauble Silver or clear
Epsom Salts
White Craft Glue


Start by taking your store bought Bauble (glass or plastic) and covering it with White craft glue.

Make sure the glue is not too thick but thick enough to hold on to the Epsom Salt Crystals.

Once you have coated it in glue dip it into the Epsom Salt.

Once dried touch up any missed areas with salt and allow to dry again.

Finish it off with a quick spray or clear varnish to seal the Epsom salts and stop them popping off.

All done!

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  1. What a lovely idea to make with your kids/grandkids. Works well too

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