Epsom Salt Christmas Word Art

Epsom Salt Christmas Word Art

Use Epsom salt crystals to create a whimsical snow effect on craft projects. Turn an ordinary word art into a wintery wonderland, perfect for Christmas.

What you need

Kaiser Laser Cut Wooded Word – Believe
White Acrylic Paint
White PVA Craft Glue
Epsom Salts
Clear Spray Varnish


Take your laser cut wooden word or paper mache word and paint it white. The white background enhances the Epsom Salt crystals and allows them to stand out. Allow it to dry before coating it in white craft glue. You need the glue to be thick enough to allow the crystals to stick and thin enough that it doesn’t drip off.

Once you have coated it with glue, roll it into the Epsom salt crystals.

Allow to dry and touch up any missed areas.

Once completed spray with a clear varnish to prevent the Epsom salts from popping off.

All done!


  1. Great idea for that snow look, love it and am going to try it, thanks

  2. Just be aware that the salt crystals will be turning white in a short time. As they loose their moisture content, they become white. Still very beautiful! I added white glitter to keep the sparkle all year long.

  3. Audrey miller says

    Can this go outside in a protected area, like under a porch, or is it for inside only? I mean, will the varnish protect the salt from melting or changing in the cold?

  4. I love it. Going to do it tomorrow. I love Epsom salts for snow crafts

  5. What an easy and fun project…

  6. Linda Sue Prieto says

    LOVE all your projects! THANK YOU MUCH!

  7. Awsum

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