Christmas Tree Decoration: Epsom Salts Snowflakes

Christmas Tree Decoration: Epsom Salts Snowflakes

This kids Christmas craft project shows you how to make craft stick snowflakes that look like they have crystallized snow stuck to them. Epsom salts create a whimsical effect and this is great tree decoration idea!

What you need

Epsom Salts
Wooden Craft sticks
White Craft Glue
String for hanging
Clear Spray Varnish


Start by using the wooden craft sticks to create your snowflakes. These can be as simple or as intricate as the child’s ability permits.

For white snowflakes I suggest spray painting them first to speed a classroom activity along. Otherwise you can mix 50% white paint with Craft Glue and apply to Epsom salt crystals to this glue/paint mix.

Once the design has glued together, paint with white paint and allow to dry. Then coat with the white glue and dip it into the Epsom salt crystals.

If you as using a glue/paint mix then apply a thick coat and dip into the crystals, set aside to dry.

Once finished spray with a clear varnish to seal the Epsom salts on to the snowflakes.

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