Epsom Salt Sunburn Relief Spray

Epsom Salt Sunburn Relief Spray

This natural sunburn relief spray uses the anti-inflammatory qualities in Epsom salts to help soothe your skin whilst the water rehydrates the outer layer of skin.

What you need

Spray bottle
1 part water, 1 part Epsom salts


Mix 2 cups of water with 4 tbs of Epsom salts. Place into a spray bottle and mix well.  Spray directly onto the skin to relieve sunburn irritation. Do not apply to broken or blistered skin as it will sting and irritate the skin.  You can also chill this in the fridge for extra comfort.

Epsom salts have amazing health benefits. They are also known as magnesium sulfate and are widely sold as magnesium flakes. Epsom is the name of a saline/salt spring at Epsom in Surrey, England.  These salts can help with fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, insomnia, cramps. They are also referred to as magnesium bath or bath salts and are most commonly used in hot water as a bath or a soak. Did you know magnesium can be drunk in water and comes in tablet form.

Epsom salts and magnesium flakes help improve the body’s natural detoxification process.

Epsom salts and Magnesium salts are not quite the same things. Epsom salts are Magnesium Sulphate and Magnesium flakes/salts are Magnesium Chloride. So what does that mean for you?

Epsom salt is harder to absorb into the body than a straight magnesium flake. But either is going to do wonders for your body and once you use either of them, you never go back! Either of them are great for the body and mind. They help relax muscles and relieve pain in the body and can promote sleep while also helping to stabilize your mood and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Something we all need help with!

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