Juice Wrapper Coin Purse

Convert a juice wrapper into a durable coin purse with this simple tutorial.

Juice Wrapper Coin Purse

What you need

Juice Packets


Start with two empty, clean, and dry juice bags.

Empty Juice Wrappers

Slit very carefully the bottom of the bag and rinse with water and air dry or use a paper towel if you can’t wait to get started.

Wrappers Slit

Decide which color you want for the outside and for the inside of your coin purse. Fold it over at the top just a bit to the backside of pouch and stitch it down. I used a zigzag stitch and white thread.

Wrapper To Purse

TIP: These bags are not forgiving so you can’t re-do these, once stitched there is no ripping out seams and re-sewing.

Fold down the other bag non-color to non-color almost in half but about an inch from the bottom will be showing of the back of the bag and stitch across the top which is now the fold in the middle.

Place the smaller one you just folded down wrong sides together onto the main color pouch and stitch around sides and bottom. Fold top down and crease and use a sticky back Velcro for the closure. Coin purse is finished.

This project was contributed by Angelique Bazell

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  1. This is a great and fun idea for recycling an item one would normally throw away!

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  10. Awesome really neat and green friendly

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