Wooden Buttons to a Fancy Bracelet

Wooden Buttons to a Fancy Bracelet

Got some buttons lying around and the gypsy in you is calling out? Then in this tutorial you'll learn how to make a awesome rustic bracelet. It's really funky to wear and really easy to make. So I hope you all like this project and have fun making one.

What you need

For this bracelet you’ll need:
1. Plastic Twine or twine
2. Wooden Buttons (Any buttons will do)
3. Wooden Beads.
4. Scissors.
5. Lighter (Optional)



Take a long piece of plastic twine according to the(2x) circumference around your wrist and cut it in half.but keep it 2-3 centimeters longer than you measurement.1

Take one of the strings. Fold the string in half and take the two ends  through any of the holes of the button. Then take the two ends in to the loop (As shown in the picture). Pull it hard to secure the knot. 2

Take the beads. First put the beads through one side then  put the other sides strings through the beads. Only this time Do it from the opposite side than before. If you can’t get them through, use a needle.


Tie knots at the both ends of the strings. Then use a lighter to burn the edges and secure the knot.


  1. caroline kutz says

    I love it! Thank you!

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