Stamped Umbrella

Stamped Umbrella

This would make a fun party craft or a group craft using inexpensive children's umbrellas found at discount stores.

What you need

Large Stamps
Fabric Paint
Umbrella Plastic
Paint tray
Stiff Cardboard
Paint brush or Sponge roller


Select some large stamps to create your design with. We have used squirrels and cats. You can use 1 craft stamp or several craft stamps the choice is yours.

Take the umbrella and with some chalk or a pencil mark out where your stamps are going to go and working on one area at a time place some stuff board underneath and behind the erect umbrella. This will stop the paint from going through and allow you something to push against.

Pour some of the fabric paint out onto the plastic tray, just a small amount at this stage.

Place some paint onto the sponge roller or the paint brush and roll or brush off any excess onto a scrap of paper so you only have a small amount of paint on your brush or roller at a time. Carefully paint the stamp so that it is covered in the paint.

Firmly press the stamp onto the umbrella, applying an even amount of pressure for a few seconds then lifting off.

Repeat this process for the whole umbrella, cleaning off the stamp each time you change colors.

Once the umbrella is complete allow it to dry for 24-48 hours before using it, or folding it away.


  1. aussielee says

    Good gift idea for all ages…

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