Wild Flower Decorations

Wild Flower Decorations

Using coffee filters and egg dye, make this wild flower decoration

What you need

Coffee Filters(various sizes)
Easter egg dye
Rubbers gloves
Qtip ear buds
Small bowls.


Put warm water into the small bowls(as many as you want for different colors)add one pellet of dye to each and dissolve.
Scrunch the filters between your hands and put two or three into the bowls, leave in the bowls for a few seconds, depending on how dark you want the flowers.

Take out and squeeze dry and lay them flat on newspaper to dry.
When they are dry take two different sizes and put smaller one on top of larger one.

Shape (cut with scissors) the filters according to the type of flower you want.

Dip a Qtip into yellow dye and use this as your flowers center. Put small hole in center of filters and put Qtip through this. Scrunch filter around this and secure with tape.


  1. Cute idea…Maybe not quite a wedding craft though.

  2. This is good. It would be better if it had pictures to go along with the explanations.

  3. very good, i made things like this b4:)

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