Valentine’s Day Cupid Wreath

Valentine’s Day Cupid Wreath

This Valentine's day tutorial shows you how to make a Cupids wreath for your front door or for a dinner party.

What you need

1 wire coat hanger or hoop
1 feather boa
craft glue
red glitter card stock
wooden wings or cut them from cardboard and paint silver, gold or white.
1 Envelope
marker pen


Start by creating your heart shaped base. We used a wire coat hanger.



Next you need to wrap and glue the feather boa around the coat hanger using the coat hanger hook as the wreath hook.


Glue the card stock wings onto the back and a red heart on to the front.

Decorate a plain envelope with TO: and FROM: and glue into place using the image above as a guideline.


All done!

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