What to Do with Polymer Clay Besides Making Jewelry

What to Do with Polymer Clay Besides Making Jewelry

Polymer clay is popular for crafters everywhere, but it can be difficult to find new and fun uses for it that doesn't involve making more beads. You can use polymer clay for virtually the same types of things you can use other types of clay for (but remember; it is not food safe), so be creative and use your imagination to come up with something fun and interesting that you can call your own!

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Polymer clay is a fun and exciting product that allows anyone to sculpt and create works of art without needing an expensive kiln in their home. It’s easy to use, comes in plenty of colors, and is inexpensive, making it a popular crafting tool for kids and adults everywhere.

Unfortunately, it’s gotten a reputation as being used only for jewelry-making in recent years, and many crafters have found it difficult to get out of this rut. While it does make beautiful, unique jewelry of all kinds, you may have some lying around that you want to do something different with, and that’s what we have got for you today.

Make Unique Flatware and Serving Utensils

Instead of spending a fortune on pretty serving utensils and flatware, why not try making your own with some polymer clay? You can cover it with a solid color and then add raised decorations, or create a smooth surface with a pretty pattern. You can buy inexpensive pieces at flea markets or discount stores and cover them up to make a unique and beautiful serving piece that will have guests asking where it came from.

You can also cover the handles of your grilling utensils. The next time you grill out, your spatula will be the talk of the barbecue!

Try a Gingerbread House

Making a gingerbread house is a fun and classic holiday tradition for many families, but after you eat it, you don’t have anything left to show for your hard work. Next year, why not get the kids together and mold the pieces out of polymer clay for a special holiday decoration that will last year after year?

Make Stamps

You can easily make your own stamps that you can use to stamp your scrapbook or whatever you’d like. Use words, draw a picture, or just make a pattern. This can be a fun and inexpensive way to add to your other crafts.

Use it For Gardening

Polymer clay is surprisingly sturdy for a home crafted product, and it can be used for all sorts of outdoor applications as well. Make super cute tags to add to your flowerpots so you know what’s what, or cover the handles of your gardening tools. You can even mold your own flowerpots and put drainage holes in the bottoms for a pot as unique as the plant that grows in it.

Cover a Journal

For a pretty cover for your journal or notebook, you can mold polymer clay decorations, bake them in your oven and then glue them to your journal. You can do this for any book you’d like to cover.

Cover Pens and Pencils

Make your writing utensils beautiful by covering them with polymer clay. You can cover an entire pen or just add embellishments. You can even make a pretty pen to match a journal that you also decorate. If you’re using a pen you’d like to refill, make sure that you don’t cover it up to the point where you can’t open it.

Make Dishes

You can make colorful and unique handmade plates, bowls, and other small dishes using polymer clay. While you don’t want to make a set of dishes you’ll eat off (there are some safety concerns, although you may be able to find a glaze that will make them safe), you can make quick and easy soap dishes, catchall bowls, or decorative plates. These are fairly easy to make, and are great easy projects for kids to make as holiday gifts that parents will cherish forever.

Make Fun Switch Plates

Instead of covering your outlets and light switches with boring switch plates, why not make them yourself with whatever colors and design your heart desires? An easy way to do it is to buy generic plastic plates and paint them before adding handmade decorations to them, but you can also mold one from scratch if you’re so inclined. Do them to match your rooms, or make all of the plates in your house the same; either way, you are sure to get plenty of compliments from anyone that sets foot in your home.

Cover Your House Key

Want to separate the keys on your key rings, but don’t want the same generic plastic rings that everyone has? Make your own by covering your keys with polymer clay in whatever design or color you like. Then just bake the entire key until the clay is set. This is a great way to turn those scraps of clay into something pretty and functional.


  1. Once in a while I read what appears to be good ideas, but there are rarely any pictures. I think more people would frequent the site and try more ideas if they had a picture to refer to; not all readings create a complete vision. Thanks

  2. Paulette says

    Where can I get polymer clay from and what is polymer clay

  3. Great ideas!Can I also suggest making comfy handles on plain metal crochet hooks

  4. I think it sounds great, but how do you do some of those things that can’t be baked? Like the ink pens?

  5. I love the flatware that’s a brilliant idea!

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