Vintage Retro Paper Flower

Vintage Retro Paper Flower

This craft can be used as jewelry, scrapbook accessory or any other ideas that anyone can think of. Please review the pictures below, and please do change any of these steps to your liking.

What you need

a sturdy paper piece,
Pages from newspapers/books,
Buttons, Sequins, and other decorating items


Firstly, take your sturdy piece of paper and cut it very small, about the width of your finger top.

Next, cut flower petal shapes, I used five big pieces.

Glue the pieces to look sort of like a flower.

Lastly, glue on your decorations! You can put a button in the middle and glue it on to your scrapbook, glue a pin to the back of it to wear it around, and so many more ideas.

You can also cut smaller pieces to make the flower have layers.

Retro Flowers Retro Flowers with buttons


  1. nice flower
    this craft is good for
    my project tnx

  2. wow these looked so kool on my friends jornal i was making her!!

  3. Cute!

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