Valentine’s Bling Votive

Valentine’s Bling Votive

This Valentine's day craft shows you how to make a romantic dinner votive candle holder for your Valentine's day dinner or table setting.

What you need

Elasticated Bracelet
Craft glue
Glass votive holder


For this bling bling Valentine’s day craft we used a brooch and elasticated bracelet from a discount store.

Start by placing the bracelet around your candle holder. If you need to trim it down smaller so it fits the glass holder, use some glue to secure it into place and then trim it. Once dry and glue remains, loosen ends. This stops the beads from all popping off.

Finish it off by covering the join with the brooch.

Our brooch back was a little bulky so we removed it from the brooch with some pliers.

Add a candle and your romantic bling bling Valentine’s day candle is ready for your romantic dinner.


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