Face Mask Recipe For A Natural Glow

Face Mask Recipe For A Natural Glow

A simple DIY recipe for a face mask that provides a natural glow.

What you need

2 egg yolks
2 tsp warm milk
2 tsp of honey


Mix all the ingredients together then apply to the face.

Let it rest for 10-15 minutes and then rinse clean with lukewarm water.


  1. i work for demi lovato and the cast of her new movie, i use this for the girls all the time! it gives a great glow, though it is a bit chunky

  2. It works -tightens and tones, but the eggs smell terrible!

  3. lemonpudding says


  4. i am tottaly going to try this i checked all these comments and it seems to work thank you so much for that amazing recipe!!!!

  5. i am a model and use this ever 3 days and it works awesome 4 me!

  6. straight forward adn to the point, very easy

  7. This works but I thought I was going to gag!

  8. do u hav to thourougly mix it?? or let it be gluggy?

  9. I dont like the fact of putting egg on my face!!!!!!

  10. wow. hav 2 try it 😀

  11. This is better than a expenive one, and it says NATURAL glow, so you may already have it. Try another if you are not impressed, but, it is still very good! Well Done for sumitting.

  12. im getting mixed messages.2 people said it didnt really work,and another said it works great.which is it

  13. creativemind says

    do you use raw or boiled egg yolks?

  14. It was easy to make but the results were marginal

  15. It worked very well, however, it was totally GROSS! It was so chunky, I had to put the “leftovers” in the garbage disposal!!!! It made my face feeling very refreshed, smooth, and soft.
    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. didn’t do anything

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