Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

A fun scavenger game for kids to play this Valentine's Day. They have to use clues to figure out where the sweets are!

What you need

1 Large Heart (craft foam)
2 Eyes & 1 Mouth
White Pipe Cleaners
Smaller Hearts of various sizes (sticker craft foam)
Ovals of sticker craft foam
Special Valentine Treat


1.  Start the scavenger hunt with the Large Foam Heart with a note saying:


Please help make me complete, so that we both can enjoy a Valentine treat.

The first thing I need is my face, let’s go look in your favorite place.

Hide the eyes & mouth materials somewhere in your child’s “favorite” spot.  Have them attach the face using craft foam stickers or glue stick.

2.  Note included with face materials:

Wow, this really is fun,
but there’s still more to come.

The top of my head feels so bare,
can you find me some hair, maybe from a chair?

Have the materials for the “hair” hidden on a chair.  I made the hair out of short pipe cleaners with hearts attached at the top.  Your child can attach the hair by holding the hair on the back of the large heart and using the foam oval sticker to secure.

3.  Note included with hair materials:

Now my head feels complete,
but aren’t I missing some feet?

It couldn’t be clearer,
I can see my legs in the mirror.

Tape the legs (2 white pipe cleaners twisted together with foam hearts attached to each end) to a mirror in your house.  Legs can be attached to the heart person by bending the pipe cleaners into an upside down “v” shape and attaching to the back with oval foam sticker.

4.  Note with legs:

Please use your charms,
to find me some arms.

I need them to give you a hug.
Maybe their hiding on a rug?

Hide the arms (2 white pipe cleaners twisted together with smaller hearts on each end) on a rug in your home.  Attach the arms to the back with an oval foam sticker.

5.  Note with arm materials:

So quickly you’ve reached your goal
in making me whole.

Are you ready for that Valentine treat?
I think it’s snuggled in someone’s sheets.

Hide your Valentine treat (box of candy, stuffed animal, etc.) in your child’s bed with a big “I LOVE YOU” banner on the treat.


  1. I love this idea , but i think I’ll try to make the hunt reuseable so I can do this again. I also think that the hints are great for young children so they dont get discouraged.

  2. It sounds fun!

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