Learn to Wire Spray

Learn to Wire Spray

This project shows you how to make a delicate beaded spray that is used in beaded jewelry creations.

What you need

Medium fuse wire
Or 30 Gauge jewelry wire
Seed beads
Bugle beads
Fine pliers


Round and bugle shaped beads are threaded onto wire and twisted to hold the group together. More groups of beads are added to the spray, making branches or clusters of flowers until a complete spray is made like the image above.

There is almost no limit to the amount of branches your design can have.

Individual sprays can be fixed together and used to decorate table pieces, party tables or make a brooch pin or a hair slide.


(3A) To make the spray you will need wire around 4 times longer than you want your spray to be. To make a spray with bugle and small round beads as shown in diagram 3A you will need a cut length of wire and thread on 1 bugle and 1 pearl and 1 bugle. Slide the beads into the center of the wire and bend it in half.

Twist the ends together for a 12mm or half an inch and divide the wire ends. Pickup 1 bugle 1 pearl and 1 bugle on one end and bend the wire leaving a space of 6mm from the previous twist. Twist below this group of beads as shown in the diagram.

Continue making groups of beads in the same was using alternate wires. Each branch is about 6mm long. Spaces between the branches should be about 12mm. Wire sequins in the same way, having 1 sequin and one bugle on each branch. Placing the bugle in front of the sequin.


  1. Thank you. I “happened” upon your page. I was looking for crystal sprays online for my daughter’s Quince cake but they were so expensive. I think I will take your project on instead.

  2. Just what I was looking for!

  3. My sister has some very similar made for her wedding. using swarovski crystals, using lots of different size and also made flowers to put amongst it.

    we had these as our bouquets. she had a larger one being the bride, and the flower girl had a single flower..

    they were gorgeous and something different, we had so many comments on them. and we got to keep them as our gift from the bride, (as well as matching jewellry) as crystals never die.. 🙂

  4. !! PERFECT !!

    Simple, easy, clear instructions.

  5. Great little projet!

  6. I made several of these using various types of beads. The rice shaped pearl one with gold wire is my favorite but any small beads from your stash will work.

  7. I too have been looking for instructions and these are simple and easy to follow! Thanks so much!

  8. I’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to do this for ages! Great guide

  9. no1grandma says

    Incorporate these into already made candle rings and you have a gorgeous center piece that would cost pennies. Make several and use as a candle ring by itself. Have seen these in catalogs for as much as $50.

  10. Very pretty.

  11. Love it! Total money saver! Now I can make a crown for my princess. Mahalo’s:)

  12. beautiful-beads says

    could this be done for a child…like could u make it simple

  13. It looks beautiful and easy. I hope it is. I want to make a pin for my Mother.

  14. Inspiring to find something I can do on my first visit.

  15. Amber

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