Tropical Coconut Bath

Tropical Coconut Bath

A very simply idea to turn your everyday bath into a tropical one!

What you need

8.5 oz (250ml) of Coconut milk or 8.5 oz (250g) coconut milk powder
2 tbs of Dessicated coconut
1 tbs of Pure Coconut Oil


Pour all the ingredients into a running bath for a tropical skin nourishing bath soak.

Alternatively add the ingredients into a sterilized bottle as a gift.

Add a use by date that matches the dates on the bought coconut milk.

Image: LicenseAttribution Some rights reserved by SingChan


  1. mademoisellekatz says

    i used 500ml of coconut milk and 3 tbs of coconut oil. oh, and 4tbs of desiccated coconut which i’m still trying to get rid of… it’s EVERYWHERE. hopefully i can comb it out of my hair later.
    without the desiccated coconut, it would have been better

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