Toilet Roll Cake

Toilet Roll Cake

This free craft project shows you how to make a fun gag gift using toilet roll paper.

What you need

14 Rolls of Toilet Paper
1 inch wide ribbon


Attach a small card with a saying such as: “Once you hit 40 everything goes to crap”, “Happy Crappy Birthday”, “Get well soon” or “Once you get hitched everything is crappy”.

You can create this toilet paper cake in 3 layers by beginning at the bottom.

Use 8 rolls of toilet paper for the first layer. Form a circle and take a length of ribbon and wrap it around the circle tightly and tie into a bow.

Use 5 rolls of toilet paper for the second layer and just like the first layer wrap with ribbon tightly and tie in place.

The last layer is just one roll of with ribbon wrapped around it.

We finished ours off with roses and a candle.

toilet roll cake with saying

toilet roll cake with saying


  1. Cindy Brown says

    I loved this idea as a Quarantine birthday cake for my daughter in law. Lots of laughs and and sort of practical gift:) My cake was smaller. Four rolls on the bottom, tied around with ribbon and bow. One roll on top with matching ribbon and bow. I poked birthday blowers into each hole on the bottom row. They looked cute with their little tinsel sprays on the ends. I used curling ribbon in coordinated colors and streamed a few pieces down from the top. I wrapped a paper doily around a taper candle for the center of the top roll. Sprinkled a tiny bit of birthday confetti over the rolls. Put on my mask and delivered to front porch. Stood back and enjoyed the reaction.

  2. Can not wait to do this for my friends 50th birthday!

  3. wow this is cute…i really think its cute!!! Well i guess cute for some people…. I love it, and im using it 😉 i have a bridal shower now in february and this will be part of my gift… to go a little from their gifts picked, we will go a little funny 😉 Love it…

  4. I am giving this as a gift to my dorm roommates 🙂 as a fun little gift. I am adding raizors and girly stuff to it to make it cute 🙂

  5. I agree this is more family friendly than most decns. I’ve seen. Planning to surprise guests with a “Project Bride-way” competition at my niece’s shower using trash bags, etc., and think this would be a great way to display tp guests can use for their creations.

  6. lol

  7. kuromikowaii says

    To all the people who say it’s “tasteless”, compared to most gifts I’ve seen at bridal showers it’s pretty family-friendly compared to most of the lewd ones we give as gags. There’s nothing wrong with giving someone an essential. I think it’s cute.

  8. Why are so many people saying it’s tasteless? Compared to a lot of bridal shower gifts (especially the ones that vibrate) this one is family-friendly and it serves a real purpose.

  9. My girlfriend in Ggrmany made a cake like that for a birthday party
    She filled the hole with fancy napkins and candles.
    Very cute.


  11. I think this is a great idea, not just for a over the hill birthday, but this would be wonderful to give a couple at a wedding shower, I do not know about everyone else, but many years ago when I married this would have been appreciated.

  12. I thinks it’s great. Ideal for someone setting up home. Will definitely be making one for my daughters 18th. She can have the ral cake afterwards.
    Thankyou for a great idea !!!!!!!!

  13. How can you say it’s tasteless for an over the hill gift? Have you seen some of the gag gifts out there? At least this is useful and I like the idea about using it as a house warming gift as well. I agree, if you don’t like it then don’t come back to the page. And if you feel like you have to unsubscribe from the email list for this one craft, then WOW, you have no personality. (come on aren’t you offened by the bra purses- how dare someone carry underware around as a purse) Hey it’s your loss if you unsubscribe, not ours.

  14. I think it is cute. I plan on using this for my big b-day party, off who are turning a big ‘0’ this year. I have six of them and throwing a big basch.
    5 star

  15. I think it is a cute idea…. Loved it… I give it 5 stars but they won’t let me click on them…

  16. I think it is a cute idea…. Loved it… I give it 5 stars but they won’t let me click on them…

  17. I see some people here have no sence of humor! But not a good enough reason to bash the site! I think its funny and might just make one for my brothers Birthday!

  18. I don’t understand the negative comments…if you don’t like it….then don’t make it!! In fact you don’t have to come to this page every again and I doubt it will hurt anybody’s feelings. I think it is a cute craft for “Over the Hill” birthday parties and such. Cute idea!

  19. I’m going to add some cardboard circles covered with paper dolies ($ store) between the layers so you don’t see the holes. i also found pink toliet paper. i’m doing an xmas cake for my mom. so i’m going to see if i can find pink poinsettas to stick between the layers and lots of curling ribbon and such for the top.

    if you can’t find pink toliet paper, u could wrap each in tissue paper, keeps it cleaner as well 😉

  20. This would be an awesome idea for a house warming party! A great conversation piece! 🙂

  21. Na, I don’t like it… at all in fact.

  22. This is such a cute idea…my sister turns 50 next year and she’s gettin one!!! 🙂 What a great idea to bring a smile to someones face!!

  23. dont be such fuddy duddys, we made a cake like this for our dads 65 b day , only we where using diffrent colors of toilet paper, he absolutly loved it . we used 65 rolls of
    t-paper so imagine the size

  24. I think this is so funny I can’t wait to make it for my friends who turn 40 before me!!

  25. ksaugustsson says

    Tasteless way of expression. I could think of something more appropriate.

  26. I could think of more ways of saying the same thing. I think this craft is tasteless

  27. Your discription of this craft was in poor taste should stop your emails, this is not what I signed up for.

  28. Oh my goodness! I am smiling so big my cheeks hurt!
    Thanks for sharing this idea!!!

  29. The cake itself was not bad but the comments about what it is for and the wording is trash. May just stop my memebership this is so very stupid.

  30. Very out of character, for this sweet, nice, site. It would be in poor taste to do this for someone.

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