Bathroom Tin Tray Organizer

Bathroom Tin Tray Organizer

This organizer is made using discount store supplies and old recycled jars. You can use this organizer for the kitchen, bathroom or office.

What you need

Oven stove covers
Empty jars
Silver chrome spray paint. (Black also looks great)
Silicone Glue


For this project we used metal stove top covers and transformed them into a functional storage organizer that looks like it was bought from Pottery Barn.

Start by laying out the trays and jars till you get a “balanced” look. I used smaller spice jars towards the top. You could also used upturned glasses or wine glasses if that’s what you have on hand.


Use silicon glue to secure your design layout in place. Once the silicone is dry (read label instructions) you can spray with the silver paint. Remember light coats are better than heavy coats. Heavy coats just create drips and looks messy. Give your organizer 2-3 coats for a great metallic finish. You can add a coat of clear on top if you plan to use scratchy items or sit food on the tray.



  1. Great and very functional. A variety of uses.

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