Knitted Toffee Cushion

Knitted Toffee Cushion

A knitted cushion pattern that ends up with the cushion shaped like a toffee.

What you need

3 x 25g balls in white
2 x 25g balls in pink
1 x 25g ball in blue

no 7 needles or 4 1/2 mm needles

Soft toy filling for stuffing



9 sts. and 18 rows to 5cm. over on 4V2mm. needles.

Special abbreviations for this pattern: M.l K.b. = make 1 st. by lifting thread before the next st. and knitting into back of it.

Pink Stripped Cushion

With W, cast on 70 sts.
Work in throughout in stripes as follows:
8 rows W, 4 rows P, 4 rows B, 4 rows P,
8 rows W.
Rep. these 28 rows 5 times more.
Cast off in W.

Diagonal Striped Cushion

With W, cast on 3 sts. 1st row K.
2nd row K.l, M.lK.b., K.l, M.lK.b,
3rd row K.
4th row K.l, M.lK.b., K. to last st..
M.lK.b., K.l.
Cont. in inc. 1 st. in this way at both ends of every alt. row until there are 103 sts., at the same time keeping stripe sequence as follows:
20 rows W, 4 rows P, 20 rows W, 4
rows G.
K. 1 row.
Next row K.l, M.lK.b., K. to last 2
sts., K.2 tog.
Rep. last 2 rows for a further 10cm.
ending with a W.S. row.
Keeping stripe sequence correct, dec.
1 st. at both ends of next and every alt.
row until 3 sts. rem.
Cast off.


Do not press. Finish off all ends. Join each cushion along the appropriate edges, leaving the two ends open. For each cushion cut 18 lengths from remaining yarn, 70 cm. long. Take 9 strands of the yarn, knot together near one end and plait in groups of 3 strands. Knot together at other end. Plait the other 9 strands in the same way.

Tie one end of the cushion securely with one of the plaits. Stuff and then tie the other end of the cushion with the remaining plait. Trim the knotted ends of the plait.


  1. ooh looks kinda complicated but i luvs it! i luv fake food things!

  2. raspberryjell-o says

    my bed loves getting dolled up with pillows! (especially cute ones like this)

  3. vey cute!! it would totally go in my room. thank u!

  4. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    this is a really cute project….i love it!love josie

  5. great project

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