Table Setting – Wire Name Holders

Table Setting – Wire Name Holders

This wire cone is great for table place settings or for holding individual cards.

What you need

Craft Wire
Gold Spray Paint


Take your craft wire (any gauge will do) and wrap it into a cone.

You can wrap it around a cardboard cone to mold a better shape or wrap it around a polystyrene cone.

Spray paint the wire gold or cover the wire with plastic tubing.

Slip in your cardstock and it’s ready to use.

These are a simple but lovely decoration for the table during the holidays.


  1. Only one question: How do you get the card to stick on that little piece sticking up?

  2. great craft! Another thing u could do is paint it green and make it look like a x-mas tree 🙂 (adding dots of paint to look like ornaments) *****

  3. it was absoultely brillant it really works wich proves these people arent a load of con artist it was excellent you have got to try it

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