Basic Sugar Scrub Recipe

Basic Sugar Scrub Recipe

This free bath and body recipe project shows you how to make your very own basic sugar scrub.

What you need

5 Tbs White sugar
2 Tbs Brown sugar
3 Tbs Epsom salt
1 Tbs Sea Salt
1/2 tsp Olive oil
2 Tbs Vegetable glycerin
2 Vitamin E capsules
1 Tbs Essential or fragrance oil


1. Add dry ingredients and mix well.

2. Add oil, vitamin E and glycerin.

NOTE – slice Vitamin E capsules and squeeze out the liquid.

3. Mix until wet, and ingredients stick together.

4. If it’s too crumbly, add a little more glycerin and fragrance.

5. Put in jar or plastic container.


  1. I disagree. Sugar and Salt should take place in 2 steps. Salt is to exfoliate with a mild creamy cleanser. Sugar with soap, cleanser and rinse with cold water. Your face will feel silky soft….I am 44 and look early 30’s.

  2. I loved this! It was easy, and i made a few different batches with different fragrance. Put them in glass jars with lids and gave them for Christmas! THat was last year, and i still have a little. It’s still good, but you need to stir it a little to redistribute the oil.

  3. How long can you keep this around?

  4. Thank you! This sounds great.

  5. i used regular white sugar & olive oil & it turned out GREAT!!

  6. how fine does the white sugar have to be? and please tell me if i could use table salt instead of the sea salt or epsom salt? asap!!!!

  7. are the oils required?

  8. looks really easy how long will this scrub last without going bad?

  9. its a good recipe…the only problem i had was that my hands felt a bit ‘rubbery’ after i washed it off… but i let my hands fully dry and exposed them to air, and they were VERY soft!

  10. osuolalesunday says


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