Spider Clips

Spider Clips

These scary but cute spider clips are the perfect spooky accessory for the Halloween holiday!

What you need

Plastic spiders from Craft Supply store
Hair Clips
Hot Glue Gun
Orange piece of felt


1. Collect your materials. if you dare.


2. Cut strip of orange felt to completely cover barrette clip. Felt can be slightly wider and longer than clip.  Spider 2

3.  Glue the orange piece of felt to the barrette clipper.

Spider 3

Spider 6

4. Wrap the edges around the clip to create smooth ends.  Add glue if needed.

Spider 4

5.  The spiders are clamoring to get on the barrettes! Make them happy and glue them on the orange felt. Hold spiders tightly to secure their attachment. Keep in mind how you would like the spider to be angled and the position on the barrette you prefer.

Spider 7

Spider 8

6.Before the spiders crawl away, use them as fun clips and watch those spiders turn into amazing Halloween accessories!Spider 9

Spider 10


  1. Love’em all! I will be making the Monster Banner for my children. It’ll be light weight to mail, they’re cute and scarey!

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