Soda can Birdfeeder

Soda can Birdfeeder

Give your avian friends something new. Make a feeder using a soda can!

What you need

You’ll need:

* 20-ounce soda or water bottle
* Craft knife
* Colored electrical tape or duct tape
* Small suction cups with attached “S” hooks
* About 15 ice cream sticks
* Hot glue gun and glue sticks
* Bird seed


Rinse and dry plastic bottle. Remove label. Put cap back on.

Cut rectangular opening on front of bottle using craft knife, leaving the top and bottom of the bottle in place and a strip of plastic connecting the two.

Cut pieces of tape to fit around the edges of the rectangular opening, and fold tape over to create trim.

Poke two holes in the back of the bottle — one at the back of the top section, and one at the back of the bottom section. Then insert suction cups.

Using your hot glue gun, adhere ice cream sticks around the top half of the bottle. Slightly overlap sticks to give the appearance of shingles or a thatched roof. (Cut an ice cream stick for a small flat piece to sit at the very top of the cap.)

Put birdseed into bottom of feeder.

Affix to the outside of your window.

Enjoy your avian visitors!


  1. to the mean person maby a lot of us dont have a lot of money to buy things with so we have to make our own. the little birds dont care .as long as there is food.

  2. Simple and adorable.

  3. Great idea! I will try it today!

  4. I can’t believe how nasty some people are!
    Some ideas might be silly…kids love them though. Plus it’s keeping stuff out of the landfills

  5. LoL! Re: to Guest, MEAN!

  6. I don’t know what the other persons problem is, I think this is a great kids craft to promote recycling. I just hope the person who commented before me has no kids, for the child’s sake! Great craft!

  7. What?? Are you kidding me. That is like the biggest piece of crap. If my kid brought that home from school I would step on it. Leaving that as an emotional scar for life. That would be the last time they brought home a piece of crap like that.

    • Charles Reyer says

      I hope you don’t have children. No parent should look forward to scaring them for life.
      I’ll bet you wouldn’t put their coloring or drawing projects on the refrigerator either.
      A child needs acceptance, especially from their parents.
      Your job is not just to get them old enough to move out but also to help them become good people and tolerant of others efforts and feelings.
      I’m 70 years old and still have some of my children’s projects. Ahh the memories they bring back to my mind and heart!

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