Lip Balm – Pina Colada Twist

Lip Balm – Pina Colada Twist

Pineapple + Coconut = Pina Colada Lip Balm recipe!

What you need

6 tsp jojoba oil
1 tsp aloe vera oil
3 tsp of beeswax
5 drops pineapple flavor oil
5 drops of coconut flavor oil
3 drops of rum flavor oil
(available from online suppliers)


Mix all the ingredients together well and while hot pour into suitable pots or containers. Allow to set before use.

Melt the oils and beeswax in a double boiler (pan over a pan of water) on a low heat until the wax is melted. Remove it from the heat and while the mix is still hot add any remaining ingredients such as pineapple oils or your optional coloring.

Ensure all containers are sterile by boiling them to prevent contamination of your lip gloss.

If you wish to dye this balm you can use a cosmetic coloring available from homemade body product supply stores. You can also use a small amount of store-bought lipstick to tint the balm.

Alternatively, you can also use colored beeswax or candle dye as it is being used in such a small quantity it will not stain or harm your skin.

Makes 3-4 small pots of balm.

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