Sock Jar Cozie

Sock Jar Cozie

This is a quick and easy project for kids - great for a teacher's gift:

What you need

1 empty, clean jar or can
1 clean crew or knee sock
Ribbon of choice


Step 1: Take your sock and cut the foot off at the heel. We only want the top part of the sock.

Step 2: Pull the sock over your jar or can.

Step 3: Embellish with ribbon, jewels, beads, whatever you want.

You can gift the jar empty or add some art supplies or whatever else you can imaging.


  1. Not really a craft many would appreciate.

  2. Cute idea!

  3. Very simple.Will need to use an interesting sock. It is a good way to get rid of socks with holes.

  4. cute idea! a great gift for little girls!

  5. sorry, but as a teacher I am pleading, please don’t make these as teacher’s presents!

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