Halloween Witches Broomstick Pens

Halloween Witches Broomstick Pens

This craft project is a great for your office desk or even as guest gifts at your next Halloween party.

What you need

1 disposable pen
10 strands
3″ x 2″ cardboard square (cut from an empty box)

natural decorative raffia
1 ” 12″ x 1/2″ strip black fabric
1 ” 12″ x 1/2″ strip purple, orange or green fabric
Hot glue gun
The Witch Is In.. and she’s casting spells
printable tags (12 tags)
8 1/2 x 11″ white copy paper or cardstock


The Pen reads “The Witch Is In” and “She Is Casting Spells”.

Remove cap from pen.

Wrap 7 strands of natural raffia around long side of cardboard.

Slide scissors under edges and cut across both top and bottom.

Remove cardboard and gather raffia bundle. Use 1 strand raffia to secure bundle about one inch from end. Slide end of pen about one inch into tied end of raffia bundle.Part the raffia to expose pen and apply hot glue to secure raffia to inserted pen.

Place one bead of hot glue just below gathered raffia on pen and begin wrapping black fabric strip down pen.

Finish about half way down and secure with hot glue.

Beginning where the black fabric left off, secure colored fabric to pen, overlapping fabrics and wrapping the rest of the way down the pen.

Wrap to tip of pen, or less if cap use is desired. Secure fabric strip with hot glue. Create and print tags.

Then cut and hole punch them. With remaining 2 strands of raffia, wrap gathered end of broom several times, knotting once.

Slip tags through 2 strands of the knotted raffia and tie one more knot to secure. Trim raffia to desired length.

All done!


  1. I think this is cute and is a really good idea!! I love it


  3. photobug1982 says

    lol…this is soooooo cute..halloween i my fav. holiday!. very cute!!!

  4. this would be good to put invitations to halloween parties on.

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