Simple Furnace Glass Earrings

Simple Furnace Glass Earrings

Bright colors and a simple design make this a perfect Summer project.

What you need

2 x Furnace Glass Beads
4 x 4mm Miracle Beads
1 foot 18g Sterling Wire (Cut in half)
1 x Pair Sterling Ear Wires


Tools Required
Round-nose Pliers
Chain-nose Pliers

Hammer and Steel Block

Step 1 – Use the round nose plier to make a loop at the end of the wire and continue into a spiral. I do both wires before moving on to the next step, as it is easier to match them at this stage.

Step 2 – Bend the wire up and back, then add a 4mm miracle bead, furnace glass bead and another miracle bead.

Step 3 – Bend wire back again and spiral the tail.

Step 4 – Use the hammer and steel block to hammer the spirals.

Step 5 – Add earwires, wear and enjoy!.

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  1. They are so beautiful but pretty advanced

  2. anointedpromise says

    i love these! i will be trying these out soon…

  3. Beautiful <3

  4. sooo cute i need these sooooooo much

  5. A cute and funky look!

  6. wow what a new look on ear rings and I can do this..TP in Texas

  7. hammer the spiral is to make the spiral flat. P.s. This is great! but i wonder where i can find whimsical beads (shaped like animals etc)? it’ll look cute

  8. Thanks for the detailed pics! I am a beginer and this is great!

  9. I love working with wire when making my jewelry, these earrings are cute.

  10. So pretty! But what’s with the weird title???

  11. Beautiful!

  12. woah those are totally awesome and look porfessional… I made some for all my close friends and they all wnated to nknow where i bought them!! cool craft idea

  13. why do you need to hammer the spiral?

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