Sequin Disc Ball Ornament

Sequin Disc Ball Ornament

This is a fun and quick Christmas craft for all ages that is decorative and inexpensive to make.

What you need

100 round 1/2 inch (1.5cm) Sequin discs
Hot glue or white craft glue
3.5-inch polystyrene ball
10-inch (26cm ) Cord for hanging
thumb tack


Start by taking your cord and tying it into a loop.

Thumb tack this loop into your polystyrene ball to create a hanger.

Now starting at the bottom begin gluing on the sequins, layer the rows until your reach the top. Each sequin should overlap the other one.

If your sequin has holes in it for sewing then simply make sure the one above it covers the hole. Once you reach the top allow it to dry completely.

All done!


  1. You can also use straight pins if your sequins have holes for sewing.

  2. that is cool! it looks like a fish

  3. very cool!!!

  4. I gave a crafty christmas ball “kit” with tiny sequins to my little sister years ago. She still has it and has asked me where to get another one. I will be sending this idea to her. Thanks

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