DIY Rosary Necklace

DIY Rosary Necklace

A traditional rosary necklace is made with specific numbers of beads in specific locations, to remind the wearer which prayer in the rosary to pray next. Following are instructions, illustrations, and a 'key' to the parts.

What you need

1 Crucifix or other trinket
1 Rosary Center (piece with 3 holes)
Sacred Heart has image of Jesus;
Miraculous Heart has image of Mary
59 7/8-inch Eye Pins
59 6-7 mm beads:
6 mm Czech glass fire polish beads



Round-nose jewelry pliers, and small wire cutters.

To make a linked rosary necklace…

A. Cut chain, and string the beads:

String one bead onto an eye pin. Trim excess and make a loop. (See eye pin loop instructions) Continue this step until you have made 59 beaded eye pins.

Cut 14 pieces of chain, each approximately 1/2 inch long. An odd number of links, such as 3 or 5, usually looks best, but the precise number of links that looks best will depend on the chain you are using. The pieces appear to lie flatter when you use odd numbers of links. All pieces of chain should have exactly the same number of links.

B. Connect beaded eye pins, to make prayer sections.

Connect 3 beaded eye pins together, end to end:

Open the loop on one end of an eye pin, and connect it to one end of a second eye pin. Open and close the loop on an eye pin the same way you open and close a jump ring. (See jump ring directions.) Attach a third eye pin to the far end of the second eye pin.

Connect 10 beaded eye pins together, end to end, the same way you connected 3 eye pins together in step B1.

Repeat step B2 4 times

Note: You should now have 5 sections of 10 beaded eye pins, 1 section of 3 beaded eye pins, and 6 single beaded eye pins.

C. Connect the necklace pieces to make the hanging section of the necklace.

For any connections involving eye pins, simply open the loop on the eye pin to connect the parts. You only need to use jump rings when connecting chain directly to the crucifix or centerpiece. Use a jump ring to attach one end of a piece of chain to the top of the crucifix.

Open the loop on a beaded eye pin to attach it to the other end of that piece of chain. (Close the loop when done.)

Open the loop on the other end of that beaded eye pin, to attach another piece of chain. (Close the loop when done.)

To the end of that piece of chain, attach the 3 eye pin section from step B1, and then attach another piece of chain.

Attach a single beaded eye pin to the other end of that piece of chain, and then attach a final piece of chain to the other end.

Use a jump ring to attach that final piece of chain to the bottom of the necklace’s centerpiece (the Sacred Heart or Miraculous Heart).

D. Connect the necklace pieces to make top section of the necklace. Work from Left to Right.

Lay a piece of chain in front of you (left to right).

To the right end of that chain, attach one end of a 10 eye pin section (from step B2).

To the right end of that 10 eye pin section, attach a piece of chain, then a single beaded eye pin, then another piece of chain.

Continuing to work to the right…

Repeat steps C2 and C3, 3 times.

Attach the final 10 eye pin section.

Attach the final piece of chain.

E. Connect the final pieces together.

Use a jump ring to attach one end of step D to a top loop of the centerpiece.

Use the final jump ring to attach the other end of step D to the other loop of the centerpiece.


Although there are variations of this Papal Cross rosary, the most consistent information we have found says that the sections and beads have the following prayers behind them:

At the crucifix, do the Sign of Cross, and say the Apostle’s Creed.

At the first bead, say an Our Father.

At the section of 3 beads, say 3 Hail Mary’s.

The next bead represents another Our Father.

This bead is sometimes left out, because an Our Father is normally said during the next section (the centerpiece).

At the Centerpiece, say a Glory Be, an Our Father, and which Mystery (starting with #1).

For each of the 10 beads, say a Hail Mary.

At each single bead, say an Our Father, and which Mystery (some people say that you also say a Glory Be before each Our Father).

Go around the circle 3 times, finishing with 10 Hail Mary’s, to complete the 15 Mysteries.

This Jewelry Making Project was contributed by Rings-Things.

jewel-rosary jewel-rosary-2 jewel-rosary-3



  1. Wendy G. says

    I think this is great and I’m THRILLED to find the directions. I’m not Catholic, but a good friend of mine is. She gave me a rosery that she had blessed special for me. I want to make one that I can give to her. She can get it blessed. Who knows, I might even go with her when she gets it blessed. I’m a Christian and up until I moved a few years ago, my home church was Baptist. I no longer have a vehicle and can’t go to that church anymore. I have gotten a ride with a neighbor to the Baptist church he goes to. Now… I’m on the look out for a church that I can be picked up by the church van/bus, or one I can get a ride to from a friend, family member, or a member of the church who lives close to me. Anyhow, no where in these directions does it say anything about wearing it, evren though it’s called a Rosary Necklace. Besides, when my friend (who’s a devout Catholic) gave me the Rosary, she TOLD me to WEAR it at all times. Except when I sleep, shower, etc.

    No need for arguments about whether or not to wear it. Like everyone in life… things are different. Those who think it’s wrong to wear it, don’t wear it. Those who think it’s fine to do so, wear it. It’s that simple.

    I hope everyone will have a blessed day !

  2. A rosary is not a necklace. Most catholics have them blessed by a priest and do not wear them as a necklace.

  3. This is a very well explained project. It is easy enough for even younger kids to handle, with guidance of course, and is a perfect project for a catholic school art class. As with anything in life, take only what you need, and don’t take offense to what you don’t.

  4. I find it offensive to wear the Rosary as a piece of jewelry.

  5. i am not christian – please DO NOT insult me. i get enough insults at schÆ¡ol

  6. Nice project! The Rosary is for helping keep up with the prayings that are resighted during Rosary praying. It is not, or ANY OTHER CROSS WITH JESUS CRUCIFIED, to be worn on ANY NECKLACE including gold jewelry. Crosses without Jesus are o.k. to wear, but NOT the Rosary or the Crucifix. A Cross and a Crucifix are two different things, IF you did not know that. A cross is a cross and a crucifix shows the suffering of Jesus for our sins! He died for us to be us, SINNERS! This is why we don’t wear the Crucifix! GOD BLESS THE WORLD!!!

  7. very nice project, but this is just a note 2 all noncatholic crafters here: it may say rosary NECKLACE, but dont EVER wear it as a necklace. NEEEEEEEEEEVER. it is disrespectful because this is used as a praying tool. pray with it. dont wear it.

  8. a rosary is not jewlery and OF COURSE you can pray to god anytime, a rosary is a devotion to mother mary:)

  9. I’m a Christian plan and simple, this is the first time in my life that I have ever heard of a rosary. I don’t really think you need to have one to pray, I pray all the time–derectly to God. God is a loving Father, we can talk to Him anytime, anywhere. I have never read anything in the Bible that said anything about wearing a rosary when we pray. I think it looks very pretty though.

  10. Lil' Miss Craftyness says

    Neat idea great job.

  11. lol picture dumb!!!!!!

  12. dont know what a rosary is :s

  13. I was alway taught that a rosary was not ever to be worn as a necklace. I think it cheapens the meaning of the rosary. It’s not an adornment. I have never seen a nun wear one around her neck! Lighten up until there are no standards at all.

  14. Beautiful project! There is nothing wrong with keeping the Rosary around your neck, close to your heart. 🙂

  15. the rosary was given by Mother Mary to pray with, not to wear as a necklace. I guess bracelet versions are acceptable.

  16. what??? I can’t see the picture *tries looking at the picture*

  17. this is silly. I am catholic and I think that wearing a rosary as a piece of jewelry is a beautiful reminder of my faith as I wear it throughout the day. Come on, it is a beautiful piece of jewelry and there is nothing wrong with wanting to share it.

  18. I make missionary rosaries to give away. Small children run around with my rosaries around their necks (reminding parents they don’t break!)

    We need to be as one of these little ones, to enter Heaven.


  19. Just so that some of you know, it IS accepted (and widely practiced) to wear rosaries in some places. It is a common practice among Asian Christians and it does not go against their faith.

  20. i love jewelry and neclaces are my FAVORITE

  21. Some “Christian” religions here in the bible belt believe that wearing a crucifix is blasphemous & is idol worship. If you wear a crucifix, this type of necklace is no different. I see nothing wrong with it & plan to make several.

  22. It is clear the poster meant this to be used as an actual rosary not jewelry. I think it is great to know how to make one. After all a rosary is a very important part of many people’s lives. What a great thing to make for someone special.

  23. There is nothing disrespectful about making or wearing a rosary. Lighten up.

  24. Thanks for posting this. My friend (non-catholic) and I want to make one and have it blessed for our other friend (catholic) but she didn’t know about rosaries. This gave me the chance to share. BTW, it says nil about wearing it. Get a grip people.

  25. A rosary is a sacramental object considered very sacred by Catholics and many other Christians and should not be worn as jewelry.

  26. ahsfalcons2010 says

    sorry to tell you i would never ever make this to wear in my religion it is disrespectful to wear a rosary a rosary is a way to pray not a piece of jewlery

  27. raspberryjell-o says

    my second grade sunday school teacher always used to tell us that this was a Sacremental object and was not to be worn around one’s neck like jewelry. this is very offensive to me and guests #1 and 2 . i highly regard my beliefs. sorry 🙁

  28. What’s wrong with a pretty rosary? It still serves the same purpose.

  29. Perfect!

  30. EvErYbOdY iS dIfFeReNt!

  31. says

    If someone wants to wear a rosary, they most certainly can. I can’t think of a better place to have it when one is needed in a hurry. Think about it. Great directions and it’s lovely.

  32. This project is in the Bead making category , where else do you expect them to put this project ?? No one is mocking the rosary. It’s a great free project what you do with it is up to you. I personally make these for my church group to give as small gifts

  33. A Rosary is NOT jewelry. It is a Sacramental object meant to be carried and prayed with, not worn like a necklace.

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